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Card Ejection Mechanism Favorite Team Wallet Purse

Card Ejection Mechanism Favorite Team Wallet Purse

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Width 6 cm. Height 9 cm.
Innovative card ejection system ejects all cards outwards (takes 5 cards)
With high-quality UV printing

Life is much easier with this small card holder with mechanism. Specially designed for those who value convenience when buying wallets, it has become a trend among cardholder wallet models! This men's simple card holder is specially designed for people who carry a large number of credit cards with them on a daily basis. It is made of 100% genuine leather and unisex design. With the pop-up lock under the steel card holder, your cards are automatically removed from the wallet. Thanks to this mechanism, you can easily find the card you are looking for. You can be the owner of this stylish card by ordering it now.

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