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Tesbih Gift Set with Complete Kuran

Tesbih Gift Set with Complete Kuran

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- wooden box with desired text 25cm x 17 cm
- Complete Quran

The Holy Quran with Hafiz boy voice has been specially prepared so that those who are new to the Quran can read it easily.

Movements are placed on each letter and the spaces between words are taken into account.

Copies made by the famous calligrapher Hafız Osman were used in the design.
Dimensions: 17 * 25 cm

Our Koran is in Husrev calligraphy

-Tesbih with name engraving (prayer beads)

33x Kuvar's stones

elastic rubber band (missine)

beads 8 mm

length 28cm

stainless steel plate 20mm

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